The Future of Health and Beauty is eCommerce

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The eCommerce trend is on the rise, and thanks to home-bound consumers being more precautious about what warrants a trip outside, that trend is only growing. ECommerce sales are expected to reach $4.2 trillion by the end of the year and a mighty $6.54 trillion by 2022. What’s even more impressive to note is that 63% of the overall shopping journey begins online. Meaning that all purchases, even in-store, start from a simple Google search. This makes having an online presence all the more crucial for landing that sale. But where does that leave businesses that have no online presence?

2020 ecommerce trend health and beauty

While an online platform is crucial for success, somehow, most retailers don’t have the digital infrastructure to make this shift. With it’s cloud-based and AI-driven software, NetSuite is the answer for health and beauty shops eager to move into the digital age with their best foot forward. Even for those that have adopted ERP solutions in the past can successfully make the switch. 

NetSuite is an all in one cloud ERP solution that allows your business to run more efficiently while offering your clients more buying options. As such, it is a triple threat to other lackluster competitors, offering accounting, CRM, and eCommerce functionality within one cloud suite. Not to mention, NetSuite’s customizable software means that you can stand out with a unique solution perfect for your business. The advantages of using a cloud-based solution, like NetSuite, have increasingly become the new normal of how businesses grow online. 

Get to Know Your Customer

Customers expect health and beauty retailers companies to deliver engaging online customer experiences. NetSuite’s CRM features include a 360-degree view of customer activity to help drive sales and provide a personalized customer journey. Even more so, with thousands of customizable features, you can create personalized marketing campaigns that speak directly to your customer.

Stuck Inside, Go Online

People around the globe have to face stay-at-home orders for their own safety, but there are very few answers on when this will end. As a result, more health and beauty supply shops are going online to reach customers that are stuck at home. NetSuite’s commerce features help prepare online retailers with immersive shopping experiences. Spread the love and offer online discount codes and promotions, all tailored to your clients’ unique interests.

Master Cloud-Based Data

Avoid the hassle of maintaining expensive servers and I.T. staff with cloud-based infrastructure. Thanks to NetSuite, you can manage all inventory, orders, financials, CRM, and more in one online platform. Have your data available at the push of a button and managed from the cloud. Your data is safe and secure in the cloud and is accessible from anywhere, anytime. 

Run at 100% Efficiency With Live Data

With larger productions, there are many areas overhead that can see improvement. NetSuite removes the guesswork of decision making and reduces risk with data-driven intel to help you make well-informed pivots. With status reports and KPI’s, you can quickly analyze where you could see gains and reduce operational costs to run at maximum efficiency.

NetSuite is Forward Thinking

Health and beauty companies need to show off their flair and the unique value they bring to a crowded market. Unify all channels of your business for seamless customer experience. When this service is provided business increase loyalty and develop long-lasting relationships. Not only that, but Netsuite also provides diagnostic checks to make sure that every sector of your company is running at top performance. 

Work With the Best.

Running on the best software means making sure it is properly implemented within all sectors of your business. That’s why it is crucial to hire a professional who can execute your vision into reality. Kodella is a world-renowned consulting firm that specializes in NetSuite implementations. Our highly skilled staff members run on the fundamentals of transparency and providing value to your business. Not only is Kodella a trusted Netsuite partner, our staff hold decades of technical expertise and have helped hundreds of companies grow. Win with a solution from the most trusted name in ERP and work with a trusted partner. Contact us today!

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