How Food & Beverage Retailers Build Lasting Customer Connections

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The food and beverage industry is as competitive as it gets, and with the rise of smart technology, it is getting hot in the kitchen for small businesses. From restaurants hiring robot-fry-cooks to high-tech CO2 sensors, the food and beverage industry is becoming the science-fiction future no one saw coming. Owners that have chosen to ride the new wave of technology in the food and beverage industry have seen mass improvement in sales, customer support, and overall cost reduction. While it may be sometime before an android workforce becomes the status quo, the demand for technology in the food and beverage industry is rising. 

Consumers are more aware of the value technology serves in the businesses they choose to support. Providing options that would otherwise be unavailable opens up doors for consumers and businesses. Customers get an immersive shopping experience, and business owners improve production. This is why it is so important that retailers implement the best technology into their store today. The best thing retailers can do is listen to the demands of consumers and achieve it through technology. 

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Serve Up Some Smiles with NetSuite

In the food industry, guest expectations and satisfaction drive business. While technology is advancing, some retailers fall behind on development because of a seemingly high buy-in cost. However, there is a better way to meet customers’ technology expectations while improving practices at a low cost. 

If you want to build longevity in your practices, there is no better option than Oracle NetSuite. NetSuite is the cloud-based competitor to some of the top dogs in ERP like Quickbooks, Salesforce, SAP, or Microsoft Dynamics. Serve up on a platter, an engaging customer experience that unifies your front and back offices.

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Connect With Your Guests Digitally

Imagine your customers walking in and out with their items with just a tap with contactless payment. Oracle NetSuite’s advanced system provides the tools to accept contactless payment at the register, build a robust eCommerce site, customer rewards app, and provides an interactive POS system. These benefits provide ease and convenience for clients and promote purchases without a second thought of reaching for their wallets. Plus, NetSuite is compatible with Apple Pay, Android Pay, smartwatches, and more, meaning there are never-ending ways to shop. Whether you decide to grow your digital footprint or your in-house operations, you’re ready to connect digitally to your customers.

reports and business analysis

Behind the Scenes Efficiency

Sometimes what’s most important to the customer is never actually seen by them. Oracle NetSuite ERP, provides extensive tools for analyzing performance and improving operations. Its real-time data, automated processes, advanced reporting, and KPIs all work to help increase efficiency and eliminate revenue leakage. Plus, NetSuite’s AI technology adapts to your business’s needs to find the most efficient means of production, passing on your savings to customers.

Make Quality a Priority

Customer expectations go beyond demanding a perfectly seasoned burger. Instead, they expect an immersive experience delivered through the means of technology. The food and beverage industry is evolving quickly, and because of this, the modern consumer is enlightened to the services the food industry can provide and won’t settle for less. The key to resilience for food and beverage retail will come down to delivering experiences customers crave. NetSuite offers f&b businesses the chance to grow beyond outdated legacy systems and foster meaningful connections with their customers. That, along with building efficient processes, makes Oracle NetSuite an obvious priority for modern retails in the food and beverage industry.

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