Why NetSuite is the #1 Cloud Manufacturing ERP Software

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In an ever-changing manufacturing world, modern manufacturers need an agile and flexible ERP solution to keep up with innovation and globalization. No matter if you’re a small business or an industry giant, you need an end-to-end ERP software that can manage all of your business operations, from CRM to HCM to eCommerce.

Fortunately, NetSuite provides manufacturers with the software they need to run a modern business. With thousands of customers around the world, NetSuite has built and refined a complete business solution that fits the needs of manufacturers of all sizes. Here’s why NetSuite is the #1 cloud manufacturing ERP software currently available: 

1. Built For The Manufacturing Industry

NetSuite ERP provides manufacturers with a flexible, agile, and visible business management platform. The cloud-based software provides accounting and financial management, CRM, eCommerce capabilities, inventory, order management, and warehouse management. Simply put, NetSuite delivers comprehensive functionality.

For modern manufacturers, NetSuite provides the foundation to streamline essential business processes. Whether you’re manufacturing in-house or ordering through a contract manufacturer, NetSuite automates your entire product lifecycle management, along with quote-to-cash processes to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

2. Manage Your Entire Business Operation

NetSuite keeps your entire business operation in sync. Its scheduling capabilities allow you to effectively plan your shop floor and supply chain activities, helping you better utilize resources to lower operating costs. From Order to Cash through Build to Ship, you can manage your business more efficiently and more profitably. 

With NetSuite, you can have all your information on sales, inventory, orders, fulfillment, and customers on a single platform. It also supports critical business processes like assembly management requirements, bill of materials, work order management, and barcoding procedures, to name a few.

3. Easy to Use

Because it’s a 100% cloud-based product, NetSuite delivers a single integrated solution that can replace the disconnected systems many manufacturers use today. Anyone can pick it up and use it on any device over any network. You can adapt NetSuite to specific roles and requirements, even if you lack software-programming experience.

NetSuite is as user-friendly, as it comes pre-configured with the KPIs, reports, and roles needed to get you up and running quickly. However, it is flexible enough to be customized to accommodate your changing business needs. The cloud approach also eliminates on-site data center costs and IT costs, as NetSuite receives automatic software updates. 

4. Real-Time Visibility

NetSuite provides manufacturers with an intuitive dashboard and a 360-degree view of all business operations. Through built-in business process flows and real-time dashboards, you can maintain real-time visibility on business processes. Gain a better view of order management, quote management, and supply chain management.

With NetSuite, information is available in real-time. Data access is separated on a need-to-know basis so that everyone in your company at the local, regional, and corporate levels have exactly what they need. With better data access and a real-time view of your business performance, it’s possible to make course corrections, project future changes, or investigate potential issues.

5. Foundation for Sustainability

Compared to other ERP solutions, NetSuite offers manufacturers improved visibility into their company operations via a single, overarching view. This visibility allows for real-time insights and a better understanding of the environmental impact of logistics and transportation. Which then, allows for better decisions that can save money, time, and the environment. 

NetSuite can help you integrate sustainability into all aspects of strategy and operations. This is especially true for the supply chain, which accounts for a majority of expenses and greenhouse gas emissions for manufacturing companies. Furthermore, today’s consumers are more eco-conscious as they look to engage with sustainable brands.

How We Can Help:

Even with an award-winning ERP solution like NetSuite, you still need a knowledgeable team to implement it. That’s where we come in. As a NetSuite Partner with over 35 years of collective experience, Kodella knows what it takes to deliver a complete, end-to-end ERP solution tailored to the needs of modern manufacturing companies. Contact our team now!

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