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NetSuite is the answer to aging ERP solutions that plague businesses with outdated designs, cumbersome hardware, and costly upkeep. With the help of Kodella, your unique cloud-based solution is guaranteed to conform to the needs of your business.

Find out how Kodella's industry experts can help your business!
Keep your quality high with rigorous inspection criteria, informed automatic orders, and go beyond the basics with NetSuite.

Modernize your business and bring it into the digital age with NetSuite’s extensive eCommerce features such as personalized shopping experiences, CRM, and in-store POS.

Create an all-in-one financial manager with NetSuite’s accounting features, compliance manager, revenue recognition, and so much more.
Coordinate logistics with NetSuite’s unified software with inventory management, programmed procurement, and unlimited forecasting.
Offer your clients faster shipping, lower cost, and all the tools to optimize every sector of your business using NetSuite.
Stay ahead of the curve with NetSuite’s cloud system, predictive analytics, and a streamlined financial manager.