Financial Services

Why NetSuite for Financial Services?

Businesses who conduct financial services have to keep up with changing economic landscapes. NetSuite allows companies to meet the demand of market shifts while also serving the evolving needs of their business.

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Control budgets and forecasts with unlimited “what if” scenarios between actuals and projections and generate twelve-month long forecasts.

Speed Through with Automation

Eliminate the need for manual reconciliation and speed up the close of books with NetSuite’s compliance manager. Regardless of what your business does, Kodella ensures that with the power of NetSuite you’ll be covered anytime, anywhere.

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Comprehensive Financial Operations
An end-to-end finance and accounting management system that provides full visibility of business processes and workflows.
Business Intelligence
React in real-time to insights with sophisticated business intelligence that analyzes results and trends
Integrated Budgeting and Forecasting
Develop adaptive 12-month forecasts based on “what-if” scenarios between actuals and projections.
Set up approval workflows for procurement of goods and services with negotiated terms, tiered pricing, and scheduled delivery times for recurring procurements.
Revenue Recognition
Stay up to date with accounting standards with automated revenue recognition capabilities.
Run a Global Business
Administer multiple subsidiaries and locations with regional currency, taxation, and legal compliance.


Streamline an all-in-one back-office with automated tasks that eliminate the possibility of error that usually accompany the use of manual data entry.

Close your books with ample time with NetSuite’s compliance manager that eliminates the need for manual reconciliation.
Avoid needless fines with automatic updates to current accounting standards, so you never fall out of line with compliance.

Operate an international business with NetSuite’s unified management platform that supports multiple currencies, locations, languages, and exchange rates.

Accounting-intelligent features allow full visibility of all integrated financials, audit trails, and financial performance.

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Kodella goes beyond fulfilling the basic requirements of running a business and instead offers Financial Services a unique solution to boost productivity
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