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NetSuite for your Retail Business

With NetSuite’s all-in-one solution, businesses no longer have to be overwhelmed with juggling multiple management software. Best of all, its cloud-based infrastructure let’s you access real-time data from anywhere.
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NetSuite ERP Implemented by Kodella

NetSuite’s cloud platform establishes an affordable alternative to outdated on-site ERP solutions that would run costly expenses on upkeep and IT staff. Build a responsive website with its eCommerce features, leverage real-time customer data for effective marketing campaigns, or create a centralized order management system. Kodella’s certified team can customize NetSuite’s many features and perfectly tailor them to the needs of your company.


All-in-one Cloud-Based ERP System

NetSuite’s cloud platform establishes an affordable alternative to outdated on-site ERP solutions that would run costly expenses on upkeep and IT staff. Its real-time analytics offer accurate business insights and can be accessed from anywhere.

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Expand your online presence with a responsive website that delivers engaging brand experiences that are sure to impress your customers.

CRM and Marketing
Build your dedicated customer base with analytics that track customer history, interactivity, and generate authentic feedback.
In-store POS
Promote sales with an in-store and mobile POS, that provides customers a quick and easy checkout with encrypted safeguard features.
Order Management
Create a centralized order management system that provides in-store and online fulfillment or return.
Maintain accounting standards in any region you operate in while establishing an audit trail to keep your business safe.
Inventory Management
Improve your inventory cost and production to drive sales and promote your business.



Create engaging personalized shopping experiences for your customers while driving products based on behavior, demographics, purchase history, and more.

Improve functionality of your current website or build one from the ground up, with Kodella’s NetSuite expertise.

NetSuite software is cost-effective when compared to other outdated on-site ERP solutions that require maintenance and IT staff to regulate.

NetSuite creates a unified shopping experience for your customers while providing real-time analytics to track their behavior, values, and satisfaction level.
Real-time Data
With NetSuite’s real-time data and automation features you can eliminate manual data entry and access all information anytime, anywhere.
Financial System
Create an all-in-one financial system that supports core accounting functions, with real-time access to financial and operational performance.

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