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Why NetSuite for Software Services?

With NetSuite’s all-in-one solution, businesses no longer have to be overwhelmed with juggling multiple management software. Best of all, its cloud-based infrastructure let’s you access real-time data from anywhere.
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Say Goodbye to Inefficient Processes

NetSuite helps companies stay ahead of the curve with the #1 cloud ERP system to keep your business agile. Improve time to market with predictive analytics that easily scales as you grow.

All-in-one Cloud-Based ERP System

Manage a comprehensive financial management system with regulated reporting, streamlined billing, and advanced billing. Position your business to perform at the best of its ability with a unique NetSuite solution, expertly designed by the best, Kodella.


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Improved Time to Market

Create an efficient system in which your business’ time to market is expedited with predictive analytics to help map changing.

NetSuite’s robust software is flexible enough to keep up with swaying market shifts and is scalable as your business grows.
Automate Manual Processes
Eliminate the possibility of human error with automated processes that save you time and money.
Maintain Legacy Systems
Maintain your pre-existing CRM, like Salesforce, to gain a complete lead-to-cash automation or maintain a singular centralized cloud-based system simply with NetSuite.
Regulated Reporting
Ensure that you are never fined for not meeting various accounting standards with supported FASB, SEC, ACS 606 standards and AICPA Revenue Regulation rules.
Streamline Billing
Customize a billing process that automates the billing of products, subscriptions, and services revenue streams.


Kodella simplifies complex processes and replaces them with automated processes and workflows built to boost growth and productivity.

Modernize the way your business is run with advanced billing, integrated revenue recognition, and billing support from multiple revenue streams.
Stay agile and respond quickly to market changes with predictive analytics.
Streamline back-office processes and simplify revenue recognition, forecasting, procurement, specialized pricing models.
Promote productivity and reduce time-consuming manual entry with automated processes such as quote-to-contract, provision-to-bill, invoice-to revenue recognition, and many more.

Why Choose Kodella?

Kodella goes beyond fulfilling the basic requirements of running a business and instead offers wholesale distributors a unique solution to boost productivity
and profits.