Why the Service Industry Turns to NetSuite SRP to Ramp Up Performance

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NetSuite SRP, services

Businesses in the service industry thrive off of happy customers. Whether it’s getting a favorable yelp review or seeing a satisfied customer, success is driven by performance. However, the root of boosting performance can come down to an often-ignored part of the formula. It’s the software behind the business, that is really pulling the strings on performance.

With the right software, businesses can track and promote customer feedback, improve operational processes, and grow an all-together stronger business. The key to harnessing this value comes down to choosing the right business software. NetSuite’s cloud-based solution helps businesses boost performance and stay competitive.

NetSuite SRP, services

Why Choose NetSuite SRP?

NetSuite Services Resource Planning is a full-coverage solution with features that help you connect with your clients and tools to maximize performance. NetSuite Services Resource Planning (or SRP for short), like an ERP, manages everything from CRM to help you connect with your clients, to professional services to maximize performance. Not to mention it’s expansive cloud ERP, financials, CRM, eCommerce tools help manage all other facets of your business.

With its robust offerings, NetSuite improves performance and helps you complete tasks quickly and accurately. Fast-track your AR/AP cycles with NetSuite’s intuitive financial tools. Watch in real-time as a client goes through your digital sales cycle from an opportunity to invoicing and beyond. NetSuite SRP also empowers mobile organizations with any time, anywhere access in the cloud.

Built for Full Coverage

Cloud-based business solutions are rising in popularity and are projected to be worth $40.5 billion by 2025. With the stresses of modern-day, COVID-19 has demanded that some companies work from home, meaning businesses must be able to work remotely in order to stay afloat. NetSuite customers don’t have to worry because its cloud technology allows for a smooth transition online. Thanks to NetSuite’s anytime, anywhere access, you can support users wherever they work—on the go, or at home.

NetSuite SRP, services

Saving You Money With the Cloud

One of the many perks of a cloud-based solution is the money-saving benefits. Avoiding an on-premise solution that comes with costly upkeep of bulky hardware and quickly outdated tech has been proven to be more cost-effective. In fact, cloud-based solutions are on-average 30% more cost-effective than on-premise overall. Meaning that not only do businesses get the ease of an online solution but they are also saving money that could be used for reinvestments into their business.

Real-Time Data

However, the perks of the cloud don’t end at just saving you money it also keeps you more in-tune with the health of your business. Keep an eye on your business with real-time visibility of reports, dashboards, and KPIs. Moreover, customize dashboards that display valuable insights and sort reports by key factors like subsidiaries and geographies. Plus, with any time, anywhere, web, and mobile access you can encourage your services teams’ productivity. Personalize access to vital reports such as resource utilization, profit margins, and project budget vs. actual.

NetSuite SRP, services

Global Connections at Your Fingertips

Combine NetSuite Services Resource Planning with NetSuite OneWorld to gain real-time, comprehensive business management, and financial consolidation for multi-national and multi-subsidiary operations. This combined force of NetSuite OneWorld and SRP allows you to manage multiple subsidiaries, business units, legal entities, global resource pools, and more. Working within a singular and unified platform like NetSuite guarantees you a better view of your business with dashboards to monitor the overall health of your business regardless of where your teams operate.

NetSuite SRP, services

Efficient Resource Management

Gain a complete top-down view of your resources within NetSuite’s customizable dashboards. Filter by traits you value most like experience or availability. Or display resources based on the requirements of a project, like the number of staff, availability, or project deadlines. NetSuite’s global reach also connects you with all of your available resources across multiple geographies. With this in mind, this visibility and control allow you to complete projects faster with efficient resource utilization and accurate invoices.

Automated Reporting

Enable automated reporting that ensures the most efficient financial management of reporting and compliance. Setup automatic project costing, budgeting, and profitability reporting to determine your actual cost of doing business. Accurately divide processes among corporate financial management and consolidation.

NetSuite SRP, services

Choose The Right Partner For You

With all the benefits NetSuite SRP has to offer NetSuite is a no-brainer. However, having the right software in mind requires hiring the right people to implement it. Working with Kodella’s award-winning team of industry experts combined with the #1 Cloud SRP provider for commerce, wholesale distribution, & manufacturing means you’ll get the most from your implementation. We’ve served over 100+ businesses in manufacturing, distribution, commerce, retail, software, and more. Kodella employs only the best and the brightest staff who are well-versed in all things NetSuite software. Kodella’s dedicated teams have helped businesses easing the move from aging on-premise products such as Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, and SAP to the sleek cloud-based NetSuite. Our highly skilled staff will be there with you every step of the way to make sure your implementation is a success.

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