NetSuite CRM+

Customer Relationship Management

Build reliability, trust, and predictability.

Spend less time compiling background information on a client and spend more time managing clients. Act quickly to the needs of your customers and set your sales staff up for success with NetSuite’s CRM+ from Kodella.

NetSuite delivers fast and reliable client information, which means that reps can confidently communicate and close more deals. Plus, it’s all-in-one interface allows them to answer any technical questions quickly—whether its confirming shipping, verifying scheduled service, or availability.
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Build Lasting Customer Relationships

Increase the productivity of your sales team and build stronger connections with your customers.
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12–20% increase in sales productivity
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20% increase in customer service productivity.

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30–60% improvement in customer service call resolution.

Source: Oracle NetSuite
Greater marketing campaign ROI
Streamlined quote-to-order processes

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Key Features

Boost Performance

Create and track quotas for sales reps by item, class, location, or department. Keep track of performance with sales forecasting that can give you an accurate view of the health of your business.

Provide Unmatched Customer Service

Free up time that reps are searching for answers for clients with a centralized database that centralizes answer and builds stronger client relationships.

Unify Marketing Strategies

Using NetSuite CRM+, Kodella can integrate your entire marketing process across multiple channels – allowing you to align campaigns with your sales efforts.

NetSuite CRM+ Highlights

Unmatched Customer Service

NetSuite CRM+ enables you to serve customers quickly and efficiently with 360° customer reporting. An updated knowledge base points your support team to the answers they need.

  • Centralize data for delivery and schedule appointments.​
  • Centralized information so that representatives will always be up to speed.​
  • Maintain all contact history from opportunity to customer and beyond.

Centralize Information​

Give your sales team all-in-one tools to capture detailed interactions so that no data is lost between representatives.
  • Unify the data gathered throughout the sales cycle process on a particular client.​
  • Manage key contacts and opportunities across a status.​
  • Magnify potential revenue streams.

Upsell, Quote and Order Management​

Easily convert quotes into approved sales orders using NetSuite CRM+ and update the following from an all-in-one system.
  • finance-money-pay-coin Upsell orders easily with note-taking to keep track of room for improvement opportunities.
  • Navigate quotes effortlessly within the integrated platform that combines notes from multiple sales representatives.
  • Easily answer questions about the status of a client’s order with order management.

Customer Lifecycle​

Allows the sales team to manage key contacts, opportunities across status, potential revenue sources, notes, and related documents.
  • Sales managers have access to a complete view of all leads and opportunities in the pipeline.​
  • Powers the sales team to convert more opportunities into quotes with one click. ​
  • Centralized information within one database that answers a customer’s question with ease.​