NetSuite SRP

Services Resource Planning

Comprehensive Support For a Complete Service Lifecycle

Manage your business with a complete overhead of the project resources with NetSuite’s SRP. Control the entire bid-to bill lifecycle with access to the CRM tools and automated professional services. Lead project management, project accounting, time and expense, resource, and client management all within one seamless system.

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Key Features

Automated Project Management

Identify issues before they arise with automated project management that avoid hiccups for your project teams later down the line.

Expert Project Delivery and Billing

Integrate back office, sales, and project delivery processes with all the functionality of financial and ERP managers.

Streamlined Timesheet Management

Track and record timesheets within the project management and billing process, organized in one place.

NetSuite SRP Highlights

Resource Management

Gain a complete view of your resources and filter by traits you value most like experience or availability.
  • Filter resources by what a project needs, how many resources are required, and what schedule will meet deadlines.
  • Manage resources effectively that are available across multiple geographies.
  • Complete projects faster with efficient resource utilization and accurate invoices.

Real-Time Visibility

Keep an eye on your business with real-time visibility of reports, dashboards, and KPIs.
  • Customize dashboards that display valuable reports and operational project driver for subsidiaries and geographies.
  • Support the productivity of your services teams at any time, anywhere, web, and mobile access.
  • Personalize access to vital reports such as resource utilization, profit margins, and project budget vs. actual.

Manage Projects Wherever They Operate

Manage time, expenses, and invoices across various territories with NetSuite’s advanced tax management system.
  • Recognize project revenue across multiple currencies and tax jurisdictions.
  • Maintain a clear and consolidated view of services performed.

Automated Reporting

Enable automated reporting that ensures the most efficient financial management of reporting and compliance.
  • Setup automatic project costing, budgeting, and profitability reporting to determine your actual cost of doing business.
  • Accurately divide processes among corporate financial management and consolidation.