How Wholesale Distributors Are Using Cloud Tech to Boost Productivity

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Wholesale distributors, cloud-based erp solutions, netsuite

Today’s wholesale distributors have to worry less about meeting the bottom line and more about safeguarding their business. Along with the expected annual pressures to lower costs and improve margins, wholesale distributors face a competitive market. When wholesale distributors were asked what business pressures they face 35% said they need to reduce operating costs, 34% said they needed to manage growth expectations, and 25% said increased competition and lack of internal communication.

Adding onto those pressures is the rise of online sales which has opened up new channels that customers use to get their products, enabling an ever more demanding customer. Similarly, commerce expert, Jason Asher, had this to say about unprepared businesses, “there’s a phenomenal opportunity for brand engagement to keep existing customers and build new ones with a commerce solution. Not having a website right now and not having a strategy in place is very risky at this moment in time.”

Wholesale distributors, cloud-based erp solutions, netsuite

The Push For Cloud Technology

With this rise in business pressures and increasingly demanding customers, businesses have turned to technology to solve these issues. Advancements in the retail space have emphasized the value of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) technology. ERP unifies entire business practices onto one software to improve visibility and productivity. Above all, this visibility drives peak performance across an entire business.

Top-performing wholesale distributors stay one step ahead of competitors with a cloud-based ERP. In fact, one study from Aberdeen found that companies with cloud-based ERP solutions are 59% more likely to have real-time visibility into all processes than those with on-premise solutions. Those with cloud-based ERP solutions saw a 15% improvement in profit margins over the past two years compared to an 8% improvement for those with on-premise solutions. Essentially, gaining a cloud ERP has helped the industry leaders maintain their elite status.

Wholesale distributors, cloud-based erp solutions, netsuite

Best-in-class ERP

Researching the best ERP is time-consuming and a head-scratching process. With some luck, businesses may manage to decide on an ERP and patch solutions together. But that can take months of work and huge investments. As a result, the marketplace is flooded with horror stories of half-finished, over-budget projects, and frustrated customers.

Enterprises need the software that best fits all of their needs—that’s where NetSuite comes in. NetSuite helps take the stress out of day-to-day order processing, inventory control, purchasing, and more. Not only does it outperform its top competitors, but it’s also the number one cloud ERP ranked by Gartner Magic.

Wholesale distributors, cloud-based erp solutions, netsuite

What Distributors Love About NetSuite 

NetSuite is the one and done solution. Instead of spending time trying to patchwork solutions, wholesale distributors can dedicate time to running their business. NetSuite manages Cloud ERP, Financials, CRM, Supply Chain & Warehouse, eCommerce, and more. Thousands of wholesalers worldwide trust NetSuite, some of the key features distributors love include:

One Fully Connected System

NetSuite Commerce allows businesses management over products, inventory, retail analytics, customers, and sales. Not only that, but big picture features help manage portals and applications, Buy-Online-Pick-Up-in-Store or Curbside, CRM, and ERP. Plus with detailed reporting, eCommerce focused dashboards, document management, and payment gateways it’s easier to manage and collaborate within a single cloud-based system.

A Complete Solution

With the help of NetSuite’s comprehensive solution businesses can manage back-office, customer service, inventory, and finance. Additionally, NetSuite’s business insights optimize the pick, pack, ship process, meaning faster delivery for a lower cost.

Wholesale distributors, cloud-based erp solutions, netsuite

Streamlined Processes

Ramp up performance and build dependability into business practices with a centralized source of information across the entire network. Not only that, but operational costs are managed with supplier portals, streamlined order-to-cash features, and MSDS and FDA regulation standards.

Why Customers Love Kodella

Modern businesses of today realize how essential an ERP solution is to their success. Kodella helps businesses better leverage their NetSuite ecosystem and have built their reputation as a partner customers can trust. With over 35 years of industry experience and a fleet of dedicated team members at the ready, Kodella knows how to process WD implementations quickly and efficiently. 

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