Here’s Why B2B Businesses Succeed with a SuiteCommerce Website

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Kodella's Oracle NetSuite SuiteCommerce for B2B Businesses

Commerce giants like Amazon, Google, and Alibaba have transformed the online B2B marketplace. Because of this, businesses have no time to be reactive to the trends these giants set. Instead, they must be proactive to the needs of the B2B customer. That means, if you’re not moving your business forward, you’re falling behind. The key to success will fall on using the right software, like NetSuite.

The bare minimum is not enough for a flooded market. Now more than ever, B2B commerce must create engaging online experiences. Websites need to give immediate value to customers. In return, this will maximize profits and improve customer experience.

So businesses need to create an engaging website but the problem they face is finding one solution that can meld modern and pleasing customer experiences. The solution to this problem is Oracle NetSuite’s SuiteCommerce. NetSuite does what others can’t and offers an all in one solution for business operations. By comparison with competitors, NetSuite is changing the game for commerce and is using its cloud technology to keep innovation moving forward.

Why B2B companies should act fast on SuiteCommerce—now:

One Unified Commerce Platform

SuiteCommerce unifies your web store, back-end office, order and inventory management, ERP, and CRM. In short, NetSuite is a one-stop-shop. NetSuite’s all-in-one features help fill gaps in functionality in a cloud-based package by reducing operational costs, improving productivity, and avoiding obsolete bulky hardware.

Deploy Sites In a Flash

Quickly release and run multiple B2B and B2C sites on one platform by using the same skeleton to deploy unique sites with ease. In particular, this is beneficial to manufacturers and distributors that can give consumers direct access to online sales. This is done all while still supporting traditional B2B operations.

Global Minded Business

Expand your business’ reach with a global-minded infrastructure. NetSuite’s features support multiple languages, tax rates, and currencies. Not only that, easily manage many subsidiaries with multi-subsidiary reporting.

Kodella NetSuite Global Business Solutions

Grow Happy Customers

ECommerce sites have become a staple of the B2B experience. For that reason, customers around the world have come to expect the same quality and experience from the B2B site as a B2C website. SuiteCommerce allows businesses to create a perfectly tailored commerce experience customers crave.

B2B commerce commerce experience

Responsive Design

SuiteCommerce’s responsive themes display beautifully across mobile, tablets, and desktops. This adaptive approach to design offers your customers a better online browsing experience. A more satisfying user experience keeps them engaged with your content and increases conversion. Additionally, search engines will rank your website higher for making it more user friendly.

Personalized Experience 

With a unified platform, SuiteCommerce’s CRM provides all customer information in one location. Because of this, creating personalized promotions and marketing campaigns is easy and can increase sales and personability.

Why NetSuite for B2B?

As a pioneer in the field of commerce, NetSuite is a trusted name in the field of software for a good reason. Also, with thousands of trusted customers, NetSuite provides a solution that unites eCommerce and back-office functions. Businesses of today need to be looking toward the future of technology, and that is all included with NetSuite. Backed by professionals worldwide, SuiteCommerce has all the tools your business needs to succeed.

Why Kodella?

Kodella is an expert consultant company that knows how to get the most value from your NetSuite solution. Our expert teams work together with our customers to provide a completely customized software solution. Additionally, working with Kodella offers clients access to our global organization of skilled developers and experts. Contact our team today to get started!

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