NetSuite OneWorld

An Advanced eCommerce Platform for Global Businesses

All-in-one Solution for a Global Business

Its advanced interface can accommodate various languages, subsidiaries, and multiple locations.

Make sure your business is performing at its best with metrics to track performance and constant online access to real-time data.

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Key Features

International Business

Manage an international company with multiple subsidiaries, languages, and currencies that can be tracked and maintained separately.

Cloud-Based Data

Avoid costly upkeep of bulky hardware with a cloud-based ERP system that allows you to maintain real-time access to data.

Advanced Reporting

Track your financials for any regional with always-on audit reporting and compliance features that adapt to local standards.

NetSuite OneWorld Highlights

Integrated Multi-Currency Management

NetSuite’s multi-currency management platform supports all functionality you’d need to run your business operations.
  • Supports over 190 currencies and exchange rates, enabling you to conduct business globally without unnecessary add-ons.​
  • Access online support from not only NetSuite representatives but also technical support from Kodella across several countries and regions.

In-Depth Audit and Compliance Reporting

OneWorld is designed to support basic day-to-day operations for global businesses with an emphasis on support for country-specific requirements.
  • The always-on audit trail ensures that data is managed and tracked properly and has the ability to analyze every transaction detail.​
  • Maintain regional-compliance with a compliance feature for internal and external processes and procedures.​
  • Securely manage multiple subsidiaries, business units, and legal entities.

Configurable & Intelligent Tax Engine

With a built-in tax engine, NetSuite OneWorld provides software that is configurable to your specific business needs, including cross border sales and Intrastat reporting across all 27 EU countries.
  • Integrated multi-currency management so that transactions or transfer of funds are automatically converted to regional currency.​
  • In-depth audit and compliance reporting and an intelligent tax engine for all around coverage.​​

Real-Time Visibility

Access all vital data anytime anywhere across the entire global business in real-time.
  • Acquire accurate real-time updates from any location of your global business.
  • Manage the security of data with two-factor authentication to ensure sensitive information is kept safe.
  • Manage the employee access with role-based dashboards that promote productivity.