NetSuite ERP

# 1 Cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning Solution

Run Your Business Your Way

Emphasize the things that matter most, like bookkeeping or improved performance and mute the things that don’t, like bulky equipment and old software.

With NetSuite’s easy-to-use interface and Kodella’s customization, we can build a solution that is perfect for your business.

Find out how Kodella's NetSuite ERP can help your business!

Reduce Risk. Boost Your Business.

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10–20% decrease in length of outstanding sales.

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50% decrease in IT costs.
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20–50% improvement of time to financial close.
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25–75% decrease in invoicing costs.
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50% decrease in audit preparation time.
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50% decrease in the order-to-cash cycle.
Source: Oracle NetSuite

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Key Features

24/7 Online Access

Access all data over a secured network that works seamlessly with web, mobile, and tablet interfaces. Keep your peace of mind with 24/7 online access to safe encrypted data.

Predictive Analytics

Identify problems before they start with custom reports and predictive analytics that help monitor the health of your business. Get to the root of problems and set up a course of action to correct any weak spots.

Modern Software

Improve efficiency and don't sacrifice content with NetSuite's regular updates that make sure your business is always moving forward and pre-existing data is kept safe.

NetSuite ERP Highlights

Accounting and Bookkeeping Features​

Run your business’ financials with simple tools like general ledger and advanced features like multi-currency support.

  • finance-money-pay-coin Improve financials with project accounting and reporting.​
  • stock_chart_outline Generate financial projections against actuals with integrated budgeting and forecasting tools.​
  • Support time tracking, full-service payroll processing, incentive compensation, and expense reimbursement.

Save Time on Monthly Financial Close​

Streamline the close process using NetSuite ERP, with automatic features and tools that decrease processing time for financial close.
  • 1 Automatic period locking prevents incorrect postings for future periods.​
  • Artboard 81 Construct advanced period-close checklist, including tasks to be completed sequentially.​
  • Coin, currency, dollar, euro, pound, money, exchange NetSuite makes financial adjustments simple with the allowance of intercompany transactions and foreign currency revaluation.

Predictive Analytics​

Identify problems before they start with custom reports and predictive analytics. Get to the root problem and set up a course of action to correct any possible failings.
  • Create a report builder and pre-build accounting reports for customizing ad hoc reports.​
  • Accept and manage multiple currencies and subsidiaries with integrated financial reporting.
  • Create custom KPIs and dashboards that help boost productivity and make sure that you keep an eye on the small and big picture overview of your business.​

Uphold Global Regulation​

If your business operates in multiple countries or subsidiaries, NetSuite makes sure that reports stay compliant to regional-specific standards.
  • Stationery Make sure you stay up to date with accounting standards with compliant financial reporting.​
  • File taxes easily with pre-built country-specific tax filing and reporting tools.​
  • Manage international offices with global accounting and consolidation.​
  • Keep global technology and security up to industry-standards with NetSuite's GRC solution. ​