Why Curbside Pickup Is The Answer For Small Businesses

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Curbside pickup convenience small business

It’s a fact that small shops are being hit hard by recent events and pandemic hysteria. But, some businesses are finding success by providing services like curbside pickup.

Small Shops Are Pivoting to Curbside Pick Up

Stores like grocery shop Precycle had not prepared for online orders. Precycle was overwhelmed with scared customers and bulk order doomsday preppers. Owner Katerina Bogatireva needed to think on her feet. She decided to provide a pickup service that would limit direct contact and would keep her employees and customers safe.
However, with no online ordering service set up, they experienced a rush of phone orders. The Precycle team had to resort to the old school method of writing down orders one at a time. Team members were stuck on a marathon of time-consuming phone call orders. This process left fewer employees to prepare orders for pickup. A long line of customers lead to lengthy wait times only to hear of stockouts. Or worse, clients would pull up to get their orders only to find errors or mixups of products. This manual process is an inconvenience to staff and customers.

Integrating Online Ordering

Trying to manage orders on their own left Precycle locked into manual processes. Whereas, more modern stores like Gowanus Wine Merchant quickly pivoted online. An online platform allowed them to accept orders, process payments, and schedule pickups. Additionally, staff had more time in-house to spend preparing orders.

Employees also offered up their expertise with suggestions on products for new customers. Staff would bring options to their car to choose from which lead to more sales. The provided service grew deeper connections between employees and customers.

Curbside pickup small business

The Importance of Convenience

Even after stay-at-home orders lift, customers will be cautious about their shopping habits. Offering buy online pickup at curbside, offers valuable convenience to cautious customers.

This benefits businesses with not enough real-estate for a typical curbside pickup. They can instead offer designated spots within now desolate parking lots. Since mid-March, more than 90% of available parking lots are underutilized. Capitalizing on this, strip mall owners and small shops can renew empty spots for pickups.

The Software to Get You Up and Running

Buy online pick up at curbside (aka BOLPAC) from Kodella is a simple way to get up and running again. Utilizing NetSuite SuiteCommerce, Kodella migrates your products onto an eCommerce platform. NetSuite accurately tracks inventory stock levels, so you never have unexpected stock-outs. Customers can complete online orders and give shops more time to focus on safely fulfilling orders.
NetSuite is flexible and allows you to customize your customer’s online and in-person experience. Secure safety measures by allowing customers to select a contactless experience. Additionally, they can choose which section of the car to load groceries, for a safer delivery. Or note any preferences for out of stock items. Kodella provides the perfect solution for your business that unites communities big and small.

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