Save Time and Money, Skip the DIY Website—Hire an Expert

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Setting up an eCommerce website can take countless hours, resources, time, and money that most small businesses can’t afford. From finding the right software to hiring more personnel, a do-it-yourself website can leave you with a costly bill and no real completion date in sight. The answer for small businesses lies in finding the right solution and the right partner to implement.

On average, the typical organization will spend five to eight months deciding what eCommerce solution to choose. That time frame does not include tacking on additional features such as selecting third-party extensions or website optimization.

By the time decisions have been finalized, an implementation not properly executed could take endless months to complete. However, even after this long and complicated process is complete, a perfect solution is still not guaranteed.

With all of these obstacles, most businesses can’t handle setting up an eCommerce website. Thankfully, finding the best all-in-one platform is easy with the use of NetSuite’s SuiteCommerce solution.

SuiteCommerce is a centralized platform that unifies the eCommerce experience with all back-office functions. Essentially, your customers get a pleasing online shopping experience, and your business runs more efficiently behind the scenes.


ecommerce website


Enhance Your Customer’s eCommerce Experience

NetSuite’s SuiteCommerce helps provide the essentials that a business needs to be successful. Everything from financials, order and inventory management, and advanced CRM reporting are all included.

NetSuite’s omnichannel network allows companies to avoid the hassle of patchworking multiple solutions that only solve some and not all business issues. SuiteCommerce unifies front and back-end systems to enhance production and create an appealing experience for your customers.

The Advantages of NetSuite

SuiteCommerce’s functionality includes responsive themes that format web pages that display flawlessly across web, mobile, and tablet. Its robust offerings also include site search, site customization tools, advanced marketing tools, and more.

In addition to providing your clients with a sleek website to purchase your products, SuiteCommerce allows you to:

  • Fulfill Orders Easily: Manage and fulfill orders from multiple inventory locations, which translates to fewer missed orders and higher customer satisfaction. 
  • Connect With Your Customer: Gain an accurate view of your inventory levels and manage orders from purchase to the receipt and customer support, all promoting a smoother customer experience.
  • Deploy Advanced Marketing Campaigns: Manage advanced marketing features that promote user engagement and turn a patron just browsing into a customer.

Success Beyond Go-Live

The benefits of using SuiteCommerce are all attainable when implemented flawlessly. That’s why hiring the right team is crucial for success. Utilizing experts, like Kodella, gives you the functionality of a SuiteCommerce implementation and the technical support from an expert in their field.

As a NetSuite partner Kodella offers more than the average consultant, we help migrate data, train your team to use NetSuite, and provide continued support. Our certified NetSuite and Scrum teams focus on producing deliverables and keeping quality of work held accountable.

NetSuite’s intuitive management system is compatible with any industry. And, thanks to the dedication of Kodella, is custom-tailored to any unique business needs. Kodella’s services include:

NetSuite Implementation:

Kodella works side by side with our clients to fine-tune a custom NetSuite solution perfect for any ERP, eCommerce, or software stack goal. 

NetSuite Training:

We tailor each of our instructor-led training sessions to meet your team members’ individual needs.

Content Management System:

Manage the quality of your website with a CMS solution from Kodella. Create stunning visuals and intuitive designs that wow your customers with the value that your website brings to their shopping experience.

Extended Support:

We go above and beyond for our customers. Which is why we are always available even after implementation, to answer any questions and help resolve any migration issues.


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